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Outdoor Kitchens Concord

Outdoor Kitchens Concord

Custom and Luxury Outdoor Kitchens in Concord, CA

Why install an outdoor kitchen?

Installing a custom outdoor kitchen in Concord allows you to spend more time with friends and family and enjoy the great outdoors. Customer image mindscapes serving Concord, CA can design an outdoor fireplace combined with an outdoor kitchen to combine Strank's of the most beautiful landscape design you can imagine. The beauty and charm of a custom outdoor kitchen in Concord is unparalleled to any other type of landscape designer hard scape design you can imagine. Trust in outdoor kitchens and custom image hard scapes serving Concord to better design your hearts gaping landscape designs.

In Concord, CA, if you are looking for outdoor kitchen hardscaping or outdoor kitchen appliances, you need look no further than Custom Image Hardscape! We specialize in getting you the outdoor kitchen of your dreams for your Concord, CA home. Just leave it to us so you can focus on the things that matter, like planning for your patio-warming party with your friends and neighbors to celebrate your brand new and amazing kitchen!

What is an outdoor kitchen?

It’s just what it sounds like – a space outdoors where you set up a kitchen, with weather-resistant appliances and everything designed for ideal cooking and food preparation while enjoying the great out of doors. You might just want a gas grill and some countertop space for your outdoor kitchen, or you might want the whole thing: refrigerator, sink, dishwasher, stovetop, oven, wood burning pizza oven, etc. Whether your taste is simple or fancy, whether your space is small or huge, we can work with you to get you the perfect outdoor kitchen of your dreams!

Why would I need an outdoor kitchen?

Why wouldn’t you need an outdoor kitchen? It’s the epitome of luxury outdoor living. You can have a cookout or even just enjoy some drinks by the pool, let your guests soak in the hot tub while you put steaks on the grill, and throw your dishes in the dishwasher right there without even having to go inside and dirty up your indoor kitchen! Custom outdoor living spaces are our specialty, and we can make them every bit as comfortable as your indoor kitchen and living room – even more so, in fact, because you also have the benefit of fresh air and sunshine!

But I have a small yard. No problem! We will work with any size and setup. You may be surprised at just how much room you actually have once our expert designers have had a chance to draw up some plans!

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